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SIB’s for Surveys

SIB Hire – SIB’s for Surveys

D-Class SIB’s can be used for survey / sampling work, TV or filming , safety boat, stand by duties, especially in shallow water.


4.4 m
Fuel Capacity
50 Ltrs
1.5 m
MCA Coding
0.5 m
Top Speed
22 Knts
450 kg
1 x 40 hp or 1 x 50 hp
Shallow Water Surveys
Ariel 12m Cabin Rib | Shallow Water Surveys
D-Class RIB Hire- Shallow Water Surveys and much more

Our D-class RIB hire offers excellent shallow water survey capabilities, among other benefits and features. These boats are versatile and suitable for coastal waters, estuaries, and river systems. Their shallow draft allows access to areas difficult to reach with traditional vessels, making them ideal for environmental monitoring, underwater mapping, and marine wildlife studies.

Our D-Class RIB vessels are equipped with advanced navigational and surveying equipment to ensure precision in shallow water surveys and our experienced team provides guidance and support, ensuring smooth survey missions. As always we have a focus on safety and comfort, with spacious decks and ergonomic seating, our ribs are built to withstand rugged conditions, ensuring a stable platform even in challenging weather.

We offer D-class RIBs for reliable, versatile, and precise shallow water surveys, perfect for research, environmental assessments, and underwater inspections.

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