As the first month of 2020 has come to a close, so has our period of winter maintenance here at Northern Rib Hire, we have certainly had a busy schedule over the past couple of months when it comes to maintaining and upgrading our vessels to meet the latest needs of our clients and ourselves.

We kicked off the winter maintenance by removing the boats from the water and getting them onto stands ready for inspection, servicing and repainting. First up was the servicing of all of our large Suzuki and Yanmar engines, which at time was a little bit uncomfortable in the rain, but we don’t like the weather slow us down up here in the north so we pressed on.
Next on the long list of things to do was to repaint the hulls with a lick of fresh anti-foul paint and an all around deep clean on each vessel to ensure that they look as good as the day we took delivery of them.

A couple of the ribs also received some new upgrades – Davit cranes for recovering Man overboard or other heavy objects. These essential pieces of kit allow our crews to safely and quickly remove any potential casualties from the water with minimal risk of further injuries when compared to dragging someone on board the old fashioned way, and we are certainly glad to have them as a part of our toolkit on the safety vessels. Thumper and Vanishing point also received a set of Umbilical horns, for keeping the divers umbilical line safely coiled off of the deck, another step towards increasing the safety on board our vessels, with Thumper also having a new dive ladder design installed, based off of the feedback we have received from companies over the past year.

The next big job for this winter was to strip the old deck paint of Vanishing Point 2 and repair the waterlogged pieces of deck, finishing it off with a completely new non-slip desk surfacing, so as to reduce any chances of our passengers or crew losing their footing while at sea or in the wet, it came out brilliantly considering we spent 2 weeks wrestling with the wind and rain to get it done.

Along with various other little fixes and additions we were kept busy through January by asking sure the fleet is up to standard for the new year, and I think the lads will be happy to say that the winter maintenance period is over and we are ready to face the new contracts that 2020 has in store for us.

Do you have an upcoming project that requires our specialist equipment and knowledge? If you do get in contact with us at [email protected] and we will get back to you with any information requested and hopefully we can work together this coming year.