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Any of our vessels can be used for security purposes depending on the environment they would be working in, vessels such as Thumper, Pluto and Scirocco II are all fast response vessels that can quickly and efficiently deter other vessels from entering an exclusion zone or forbidden area on your site, or that can perform patrol duties to keep an eye on everything and make sure that your work site stays secure.


We specialise in providing high-speed rib hire that can help protect your waters from unauthorised access or intrusion. Our boats are specifically designed to be agile and manoeuvrable, making them ideal for patrolling and monitoring areas that require a high level of security.

Our team of experienced operators is trained to monitor the area and respond to any potential threats or security breaches. They are skilled in navigating through challenging conditions and well versed on safety and emergency protocols.

In addition to providing a visible presence, our boats can also be used to intercept and deter unauthorised marine vessels from entering restricted areas. We understand the importance of being able to respond quickly to potential threats, which is why our boats are equipped with powerful engines that enable them respond and deter any other vessels.

Northern Rib Hire is committed to providing you with a service that is reliable, effective, and professional. We understand the importance of marine security and are dedicated to ensuring that your waters are protected at all times.

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